Shown Above: Lagotto Romagnolo
Owned & Bred by Lagotto CurlsRoc, Alberta, Canada

Breed Listing

Dog Breeds

Each Dog Breed section includes:

– Breed information
– Breeders
– Breed Clubs
– Breed Rescues

Breeder Spotlight

MBM Bulldogs

A small family breeder of English Bulldogs,
devoted to breeding to the best quality
bloodlines for excellent temperament and
good sound health.

General Information

Including general information for the potential new dog/puppy owner as well as a section specifically for dog breeders.

Rescues & Shelters

Listing of all-breed dog Rescues and Shelters from across Canada as well as important tips and articles of interest.

Health & Nutrition

Dog health and nutrition information + a listing of Veterinarian and other health care professionals in Canada.

Dog Clubs & Sports

Listing of Dog Clubs from across Canada and details on the many sports and activities you can participate in with your dog.

Pet Services

Listings of Trainers, Groomers, Boarding Kennels, Dog Daycares, Dog Walkers, and other Pet Services. Plus training and grooming tips and articles of interest.

Working Dogs

Guide Dogs, Hearing Dogs, Service Dogs, and Therapy Dogs. Plus Search and Rescue Dogs, Police and Military Dogs, Herding and Guardian Dogs.

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