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Information for New Puppy and Dog Owners

If you are considering bringing a dog or puppy into your home, the following articles will help guide you in your decision. Covering such topics as what type of breed is best suited for you and your family to how to go about finding a responsible and reputable breeder. Also available here, is a selection of Reference Books on the subject of choosing the right breed for you.

Please also have a look at the Rescue Section of the website for additional articles and information. Within this section you will also find listings of Rescue Organizations and Shelters from across Canada, sorted by Province. (Rescue Organizations for specific breeds are listed within the breed sections.)


Preparing for a Puppy/Dog:

Choosing a Puppy/Dog:

Finding a Breeder:

Reference Books & DVDs:

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Puppy Days DVD-R

Puppy Days DVD-R

Thinking of adopting a dog or just love cute pups? Find out what no one tells you about bringing up pup and learn from the successes and mistakes of pet parents. Follow six first-time owners from the moment they get their puppies, tracking the next twelve weeks as they learn to live together. It’s a journey of discovery, discipline, patience, and play — and a seismic shift in the family dynamic. Not available for shipment outside North America.

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