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GoFetch Health launches free pet telehealth memberships to support pet owners and veterinarians amid COVID-19 restrictions

Canada-wide service connects pet owners with veterinarians to help identify, assess, and treat pets through virtual care

Vancouver, BC – March 26, 2020 — Canadian pet technology company GoFetch Health launches free access to its veterinary telemedicine platform, helping connect pet owners with veterinary clinics during the COVID-19 outbreak. Pet owners and veterinarians across Canada can download the app and register free of charge until June 1, 2020.

“The veterinary profession is essential to ensuring pet health,” says Dr. Adam Little, Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder of GoFetch Health. “Like many small businesses, local practices are having to adapt to new ways to serve their clients and patients. By making our service free and enabling more veterinary clinics to participate, we hope that every pet owner can access a veterinarian when needed and veterinary practices can continue to serve their clients.”

GoFetch Health provides two options for pet owners to connect with veterinarians. The first is its live veterinary chat function in which veterinarians and veterinary technicians offer general support, advice, and triage to all pet owners. The second is one-on-one paid virtual video consults with your pet’s primary veterinarian, providing pet owners with more in-depth support, treatment options, and ensuring continuity of care.

Veterinarians can set up virtual consultation capabilities within 24 hours enabling them to continue to provide care to their clients, in place of in-person clinic visits in the wake of social distancing and COVID-19. Through the platform, veterinarians can set their own schedules and prices to best serve their clients.

“The changes we’ve seen over the past few weeks have made it increasingly difficult for pet owners to feel confident that their pets will receive the care they may need in the near future,” says Dr. Karley Seagrist co-owner of Yaletown Pet Hospital. “We’re so happy to see a platform that’s open to everyone that can help connect pet parents with veterinarians and build that confidence back up.”

The app is available for download in the app store and Google Play for free until June 1, 2020.
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About GoFetch Health

GoFetch Health is a Canadian pet technology company that increases affordability and improves access to veterinary medicine through its telemedicine solutions and rewards platform. The company is based out of Vancouver, BC and partners with veterinarians across Canada. GoFetch Health offers support to pet owners at home through its veterinary chat function – a free chat-based service that offers general support, advice, and triage to pet parents – as well as the ability to schedule one on one paid virtual video consults with pet owners’ primary veterinarian. In addition, GoFetch Health’s $5/month paid members earn 5% cash back on all their vet bills at partner clinics plus additional bonus rewards to spend on their pets.


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