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There are several different types of protection or guard dogs. These dogs are trained to work under varied circumstances and include dogs trained in:

  • Schutzhund — This is a form of training originating in Germany that includes tracking, obedience, and protection.
  • French Ring Sport — French Ring Sport includes obedience, agility and protection exercies. It is the oldest and most popular dog sport in France and was introduced to North America in 1986.
  • Family Protection Dog — If you’re considering getting a family protection dog to watch over the ones you love, you’re in good company. A lot of people are coming to realize the benefits that come with owning one of these tremendous animals. If you’re thinking of adding one to your family, CLICK HERE to read just some of the benefits you’ll experience.
  • Personal Protection Dogs — Personal protection dogs are generally trained to protect on verbal command. The dog may be trained to simply place fear into a potential intruder through his bark and demeanor or he may be trained to attack on command. One very important aspect of training the protection dog is the ability to use commands to stop the attack. Complete control over the situation must lie with the dog’s handler in order to prevent possible harm to innocent people or the dog himself.
  • Commercial Protection Dogs — Commercial protection dogs are trained to attack intruders without commands. These dogs must have a strong territorial instinct, have a need for dominance and an aggressive nature in order to protect a property without distractions.

Not every dog is qualified to do protection work. This type of work requires that the dog be obedient as well as submissive to his master while still assuming a protective position. The dog must also be willing to stand down from attack on command from his handler.

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