Information for New Puppy or Dog Owners

If you are considering bringing a dog or puppy into your home, the following articles will help guide you in your decision. Covering such topics as what type of breed is best suited for you and your family to how to go about finding a responsible and reputable breeder. Also available here, is a selection of Reference Books on the subject of choosing the right breed for you.

Please also have a look at the Rescue Section of the website for additional articles and information. Within this section you will also find listings of Rescue Organizations and Shelters from across Canada, sorted by Province. (Rescue Organizations for specific breeds are listed within the breed sections.)

Preparing for a Puppy/Dog:

Puppy Love

Choosing a Puppy/Dog:

Finding a Breeder:

Choose the Best Dog for your Child Choose the Best Dog for your Children...

Help for parents choosing a dog for their children. 5 steps to choosing the right dog and more.
4 out of 10 families give their puppy away within the first year because they didn't do their homework...
Get all the value of saving hours of research and reading dozens of expert manuals in one easy to read, simple to follow guide!
*Electronic book available in PDF Format

Reference Books:

Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting and Owning a Dog
by Sheila Boneham
Tips on figuring out which breed is best for you, advice on finding a responsible breeder, valuable insights into what to expect at every stage of your dog's life, more.
— Available from
Choosing a Dog for Life
by Andrew De Prisco & James Johnson
Choose your next canine companion using first-hand experience and advice from breeders and owners. Information on suitable owners, health concerns. Excellent color photos!
— Available from
"Please, Oh Please Can We Get A Dog": Parents' Guide to Dog Ownership
by Cheryl Peterson
Clear-cut advice for parents to help with the decision-making process of acquiring a dog for the family. This straightforward book is essential for any parent who needs to decide whether or not to get a dog ""for the children"" Using a realistic, no-nonsense approach, it shows parents how to evaluate what dog ownership would entail the initial and annual costs, the amount of help that children can realistically offer, the effect of a dog on the current family lifestyle, and much more. Cheryl Peterson (Woodstock, IL) is an AKC judge and the owner of a dog training school.
— Available from
Adopting a Dog: The Indispensable Guide for Your Newest Family Member
by John Ross, Barbara McKinney
— Available from
The Good, the Bad, and the Furry: Choosing the Dog That's Right for You
by Sam Stall
Author Sam Stall offers the inside poop on the world's most popular breeds-and describes which ones are right for you. Stall has consulted with dozens of breed rescue groups to learn the best-and worst-perks, quirks, and personality traits of more than 100 different dogs.
— Available from
Choosing a Dog for Dummies
by Chris Walkowicz
Adding a pet to the household is an exciting time but one where you need to coast, exploring the pros and cons, rather than zooming full speed ahead. Presents a wealth of information, including advice from long-time owners.
— Available from
Perfect Match: A Dog Buyer's Guide
by Chris Walkowicz
Helps you choose your ideal canine companion. Highlights each breed's unique qualities along with great information on who should NOT own the breed.
— Available from and
Your Purebred Puppy, A Buyer's Guide
by Michele Welton
Discover how to select the right breed of dog for you and your family, locate a good breeder, and choose the puppy that suits your family best. Revised edition evaluates 200 breeds, including 20 new ones. Honest, thorough.
— Available from