Great Dane Rescue


Rescue Groups in Canada:

  • Great Dane Club of Canada Rescue
  • For the Love of Danes Rescue
    — For the Love of Danes Rescue is a Registered Non Profit Society based out of Calgary, Alberta and has been in operation since June 2009. Serving Alberta and British Columbia through a network of dedicated responsible breeders, New Hope for Danes and Danes in Distress. They are also the official Breed Rescue for the Great Dane Club of Canada in western Canada.
  • New Hope For Danes
    — The mission of New Hope For Danes is to rescue all Danes who are not wanted, can no longer be kept for various reasons, or are in undesirable situations, and place them in loving caring homes where they can truly be a part of the family.
    Serving Northern Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia
  • Great Dane Angels
    Rob & Joanne Davis
    Ph: 705-387-1744
  • Danes in Distress — Great Danes Rescue and Placement
    — Danes in Danes was formed in 1956 and is a Registered Non Profit, Charitable organization that rescues unwanted, neglected or abused Great Danes and places them into responsible, loving and permanent homes. Our primary coverage area is Ontario and Quebec. We network with affiliated rescue groups, Animal Shelters and the SPCA to assist with rescue efforts in all Canadian provinces.


Rescue Groups in the U.S.:


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