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  • Schutzhund — Information on the sport of Schutzhund, including additional club listings not specific to the German Shepherd Dog breed.
  • Clubs, Sports & Activities Section — Details and information on various sports and activities, along with a regional listing of all-breed clubs.
  • Working Dogs Section — Information regarding the various jobs that the German Shepherd Dog is involved in.

German Shepherd Dog Clubs in Canada

National Clubs:

  • The German Shepherd Dog Club of Canada Inc. — The country’s oldest active specialty breed club and probably the largest, with a membership in excess of 500 members. Since its inception in 1922 the Club has developed a distinctly national profile with member and affiliated clubs from coast to coast.
  • German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada — The GSSCC is a corporation of clubs from every part of Canada with its goals aimed at the promotion of the German Shepherd Dog.

British Columbia:



  • The German Shepherd Dog Club of Manitoba, Inc. — Founded on November 26, 1959 by a group of German Shepherd Dog fanciers with an interest in promoting the breed through dogsports, activities and Canadian Kennel Club recognized events. Through the years the Club has remained an organization of people whose interest is entirely devoted to the continued development and recognition of the German Shepherd Dog in Manitoba.
  • The Winnipeg Working Dog Club — In existence since 1995, training, primarily German Shepherd Dogs, in schutzhund — from all levels, beginner to World championship.
    Contact: Jim Chrisp, Tel.: 204-344-5567 or e-mail:



Nova Scotia:

  • The Nova Scotia German Shepherd Dog Club — The mission of the Nova Scotia German Shepherd Dog Club is the promotion of the German Shepherd Dog by education of the individual dog owners, dog breeders, dog handlers, dog trainers, and other people interested in the betterment of canine and related matters.

Newfoundland & Labrador:


German Shepherd Dog Clubs in the U.S.:


German Shepherd Dog Clubs from Around the World

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