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The White “Albino” Doberman


“White” or “albino” Dobermans are not actually white in colour. They are pale tan or cream colour, and only the areas which would normally be rust-coloured are actually white. Also, these Dobermans have blue eyes — not pink or red eyes. Because these dogs are not white and because they have blue eyes, some people claim that they are not actually albino.

The problem arises from the confusion in terminology. The terms “albinism” and “albino” encompass a wide range of pigment disorders. Many albinos — known as “partial” albinos or “tyrosinase-positive” albinos — do have some pigment. There are human albinos that may have yellow or brown hair, and some that can even tan in the sun. Several species, other than human albinos also have some pigment.

The Doberman Pinscher Club of America (DPCA) warns that Dobermans with blue eyes, pink skin, nose and pads, are “ALBINO’S” and should NOT BE BRED, and the trait not be proliferated or propagated. Albino is a “Deleterious Genetic Mutation” and carries with it many traits that are harmful and not conducive to proper Doberman temperament and health.

Similarly, the Doberman Pinscher Club of Canada website states:

“It is the DPCC’s position that the Albino should not be bred or promoted and should be given “Limited Registration” status, which would prevent the breeding and registration of all Albinos.”

The first albino Doberman recorded by the American Kennel Club was born in November 1976. All albino Dobermans registered by the AKC are descendants of this single dog, Padula’s Queen Shebah. In the last 24 years, approximately 8,300 descendants of Shebah have been registered with the AKC, of these, approximately 1,500 have been albino. The balance are presumed to be carriers of the albinistic trait.

In November 1995, the AKC created the “Z list” — a tracking system put in place for all descendants of Shebah and registered with the AKC. All descendants of Shebah’s parents born since 1996 have registration numbers starting with “WZ” and every descendant is recorded in the “Z list”, including those born before the list was instituted.

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