Epagneul Breton

Épagneul Breton — The French Brittany

The French Brittany, known as the Épagneul Breton throughout Europe, is now registered by the United Kennel Club as a separate breed with its own registry, the Épagneul Breton. The differences between the Épagneul Breton and the American Brittany lie in conformation, temperament and style of hunting.

The French Brittany is a compact dog, shorter than the American Brittany and not as heavy as many. The French Brittany’s muzzle is shorter, with a dark nose and amber or brown eyes compared to the light nose and eyes of the American Brittany. He can be black and white, liver and white, orange and white, tri-colour and roan of any of these colours. Overall, the appearance of the French Brittany differs significantly from that of an American Brittany.

Epagneul Breton
Tehbelle du Buisson de Choisel
FCI Mexico Ch. & UCI Int’l Ch.
Photo credit: Wyngold Brittanys
Purebred French Brittanys (Épagneul Bretons) are registered through the United Kennel Club, Inc., the only registry in the United States that has separated the Brittany breed, they can also be registered with the CKC or AKC; however; these registries do not differentiate between the breeds and any black in the coat and/or a black nose are disqualifiers according to the American and Canadian Breed Standards.

“French Brittany” as a name denotes that the breed is of European descent and is what they are commonly known as in North America. Whether they are called French Brittany or Épagneul Breton, either name distinguishes them as the Brittany that has been bred for the European traits and standards of the Brittany Spaniel. The French Brittanys are either imported from Ireland, Italy, France, or other European countries, or are bred from parents with European ancestry.

The Official Breed Standard adopted and utilized by the UKC was written based upon the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) International Standard for the Épagneul Breton.

Additional Information:

– Club de l’Épagneul Breton des Etats-Unis d’Amérique (U.S.A. National Épagneul Breton Parent Club)

Epagneul Breton
Fr. & Int. Ch. Jixy de Rocancourt
Photo credit: Wyngold Brittanys

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