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It’s a dog’s life on the job

by News Canada


(NC)—My name is Proue and I am a service dog. I’d like to share with you what a day looks like for me as partner to Caroline, my owner and best friend.

Our day starts with a warm cuddle and a scratch of the ears. We head to the kitchen to fortify ourselves for the walk to work. Because Caroline relies on me to be highly alert all day, she trusts only the best premium nutrition to get us both through the day. Today I enjoy my Lamb and Rice Eukanuba, while Caroline eats whole wheat toast with strawberry jam.

After our breakfast we head outside. On the way to work, several challenges arise for Caroline. The first obstacle is an uphill sidewalk which requires my muscles to pull her and her wheelchair to the top of the hill. Caroline is then able to manage by herself and I proudly walk next to her.

While entering the office, Caroline drops her wallet, scattering several coins to the ground which roll away from her wheelchair. Caroline gently asks me to retrieve each item and I place them in her hands. I receive a warm hug which makes me happy.

During the day, I sit next to Caroline while she works. Occasionally we get up and I guide her to the washroom. I stand behind her chair and give it a gentle nudge up the ramp and through the door. We attend meetings with numerous co-workers and clients. I take a seat next to Caroline and quietly watch the other people talk and laugh. Caroline drops her pen and it rolls under the table. She gives me the command to retrieve so I fetch the pen and bring it back — Caroline is so thankful that she rewards me with my favourite treat — a Eukanuba Healthy Extras biscuit.

After work, Caroline and I make our way home. During our stroll, Caroline’s arm-strength weakens and I am given the command to help. I happily pull the wheelchair the rest of the way home.

The walk has made us thirsty. I open the refrigerator door and retrieve a plastic bottle of water for Caroline, and look down at my water bowl, noticing it’s empty. I retrieve my bowl and give it to Caroline who understands my needs and fills my bowl with water. I would like another treat, but it’s almost dinner time, when I will enjoy another Eukanuba meal complete with DentaDefense — which helps to reduce tartar build-up.

It is now time for a well-deserved rest for us both. I use my body to support Caroline while she transfers from her wheelchair to the couch. While we snooze, the telephone rings. I now know by training that I can help by bringing over the phone. Once again, I am thanked by Caroline as we cuddle and drift back into our much-needed nap — it’s been a long, but enjoyable, day and I’m excited to see what tomorrow brings.

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