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What You Can Expect With Rottweiler Dogs

By Sharon A. Davies

A lot of work has to go into a relationship between a Rottweiler and his or her human. Usually, they both need training. There is no need to resort to training gimmicks like shock collars or prong collars with most Rottweilers. They will only scare Rottweiler dogs, not make them dependable. With a dog so large and strong, even a terrified Rottweiler may accidentally hurt someone. On average, Rottweiler dogs weigh eighty pounds when full grown, with some males tipping the scales at over one hundred pounds.

A lot of that weight is due to the size of their hearts – well, not really, but they seem to have huge hearts. Rottweiler dogs are affectionate, loyal and great with kids if given a fair shake. They need proper nutrition and a close eye on their diets so they do not get too fat or too hyper. They need a lot of daily exercise of at least one hour a day, preferably more. This can include walks, playing fetch, playing games or running about the yard. You need to make a commitment to taking care of a Rottweiler in the way you would have to care for a pony.

Rottweiler dogs need to be busy and to have a purpose in life. They need to be part of the family or at least be inside where the action is. Although the coat thickness and length can differ greatly with each Rottweiler, most Rottweilers cannot handle being left outside in extreme cold or extreme hot weather. If you are cold, you can be assured that your Rottweiler is, too.

Despite their intimidating size, huge teeth and muscle, they are great with kids. They are usually better with kids than they are with adults. Rottweiler dogs seem to realize that kids are not as strong or mature as adult humans or adult dogs and usually will be very tolerant of ear pulling or being crawled over. But if an adult human were to do that, the Rottweiler would get really annoyed. Don’t annoy your Rottweiler (hey – some people need practical advice).

Another reason Rottweiler dogs get abandoned is due to their health. Rottweiler dogs are not as prone to illnesses like some other breeds, but they need their diets and exercise monitored, especially as puppies. Too much food or too little exercise can damage the growing Rottweiler’s skeleton and joints. Rottweilers of all ages are prone to hip or elbow dysplasia, which is curable, but costly. Most people would rather buy a new car than pay for their dog’s veterinary bills.

Rottweiler dogs have big appetites and will cost more to feed than some other breeds of dogs. They will need at least once a year check-ups and booster shots. They need to be licensed, micro chipped and given obedience training. Most people are very ignorant on their Rottweiler information and will sooner shoot a Rottweiler running towards them than welcome them with open arms (which is what most Rottweilers expect). Rottweilers need to be on leads in the public at all times.

About the Author: Sharon Davies loves everything having to do with canines, including Rottweilers. The Rottweiler is one of the most misunderstood dog breeds. Rottweiler information can be found at any library or by searching the Inertnet.


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