German Shepherd Dog

Even Lassie Had Her Moments

by Chris Sutton


Lassie! Now THERE’S a dog! If you said SIT, Lassie would sit. If you said FETCH, Lassie would fetch. If you said PLAY DEAD, Lassie would just about quit breathing. Why, you could just imagine Lassie bringing you dinner each night, couldn’t you? Now THAT was a well-trained dog!!! Guess what? Lassie wasn’t born that way; she had to go through puppy training!

Puppy training is very important if you want a well-behaved dog! You have to start training them when they are young and you have to be consistent. Baby dogs are just like baby people; they don’t know how to do anything when they are just starting out. You have to teach them and you have to be patient.

There are lots of new things your puppy needs to learn but three of the most important things are it’s name, the word “no” and the word “good dog.” Those words are the words you are going to be using constantly during your puppy training period.

The puppy name is how the new puppy learns to identify itself. She has to know when you are talking to her. She has to know when you are calling her. She has to know her name!

You will be using the word “no” during your puppy training to let the dog know that she is doing something wrong. If you continually use different words to let the dog know she is doing something she is not supposed to do, you will have one very confused puppy. You have to be consistent in what you say so the new puppy will understand what it is you are trying to say.

The same thing goes for the words “good dog.” You will want to say that to your new puppy every time she does something right. Your new puppy wants to please you and you need to let her know when she does.

Don’t just scold your dog all the time and forget to tell her when she has done something right. The two things go hand-in-hand with your puppy training and you MUST be consistent. Tell her “no” when she has done something wrong and tell her “good dog” when she has done something right.

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