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What Should I Buy for my Pet Grooming Kit?

– by Sharon Price

So you have just bought home your new best friend. Whether it is a dog or a cat it will now require looking after and getting a grooming kit is one of the first items you will need to buy. As pet owners we must take care of our pet’s health by providing the right diet and grooming everyday depending on their individual needs. Some animals will require far more care and attention than others.

Pet Grooming To Ensure A Clean Healthy Coat

Depending on the type of pet you have, you will decide on the requirements of the pet grooming kit; however, as most of us have dogs or cats you will find here the essentials required in the pet grooming kits for those two categories. Grooming of your pet should ideally be carried out on a daily basis but this also depends on the type of coat your pet has. Grooming kits are designed for all types of fur, whether your pet is long or short haired.

Your Pet Grooming Kit Should Consist Of The Following:

  1. Brush
  2. Comb
  3. Clippers
  4. Nail Clippers
  5. Shampoo
  6. Conditioner
  7. Flea Treatment
  8. Tick Treatment

The brush and comb are designed for all hair types and you should easily be able to find one for your pet grooming kit.

Clippers are usually only used on dogs and some dogs do not require them in their pet grooming kit if they have very short hair.

Nail clippers are a relatively cheap addition to your pet grooming kit but are an essential item as your pets nails need cutting short on a regular basis.

Special Shampoos and conditioners are needed as human alternatives can cause their skin to become sore or cause allergies.

You will need a hair dryer but you can use yours, however some animals become scared of the noise it make so put it on a low setting as to not frighten them too much.

Where To Shop For Pet Grooming Kits

The best place to shop for pet grooming kits is on the internet as you can shop around for prices without leaving your home. If you need advice or prefer to see what you are buying in person then a visit to a pet store would be more worth while. Pet grooming kits are priced around $50 but sometimes buying all the items you need separately will result in you spending less money.

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