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Achieving a Silky, Shiny Coat

Perhaps you passed your neighbor’s dog the other day and noticed how his beautiful coat gleamed in the sun. Then, you took a look at your pooch and noticed knots and not-so-shiny hair. Achieving a beautiful coat is not as hard as you might think. All it takes is a small amount of time each day.

A shiny, silky coat is actually the result of a healthy coat. So, instead of trying to figure out ways to make your dog look good, you need to figure out ways to keep him healthy. The most effective, yet simple, task you can partake with your pooch is grooming.

If your pet’s hair is already a mess and you’re not sure where to start, then it’s not a bad idea to schedule an initial appointment with a groomer. The groomer can cut and trim your pet’s hair and nails, and give his ears a good cleaning. The professional haircut will give you a good base to start your own grooming routine. Instead of dropping your pet off at the groomer and running errands, ask the groomer if you can sit in and watch the session. His or her techniques can help you learn proper grooming habits.

Once you have a base haircut for your pet, then it’s time to start your own routine. Good grooming practice includes brushing your pet’s coat daily. Brushing takes the oil from the skin and evenly distributes it throughout the hair (hence the shine).

If you have a puppy, make sure you start the daily brushing early in his life. You’ll want him to get accustomed to the routine and even look forward to his daily brush. If you have an adult dog that is not familiar with getting brushed, then it may take time before you build up to brushing his entire coat. For instance, if he only sits still long enough for you to brush one leg, then brush that leg and let him go. Repeat the next day with a different part of the coat. It may take you a week to get him fully brushed, but he’ll soon be able to sit longer and actually enjoy the session.

Some dogs suffer from dry skin, and you may notice dandruff in the coat. If your pet has dry skin, then consider spraying a leave-in conditioner on the coat before you brush it. It’s also important, whether or not your pet has dry skin, to brush the coat before you give your dog a bath. It’s much harder to remove tangles in wet hair even if conditioner is used.

A silky, shiny coat isn’t that hard to achieve; it all starts with a healthy coat. Train your pet to sit through a brushing session each day. It’s also a great bonding experience that you’ll both enjoy!

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