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Three Legs & A Spare - a Canine Amputation HandbookThree Legs & A Spare - a Canine Amputation Handbook — A new e-book for anyone facing amputation for their canine companion. Created by the founders of, the world's largest community for canine amputees and their humans, this interactive PDF is a comprehensive collection of the best tips and advice for a successful recovery and life on three legs. For more information, see:
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The Angell Memorial Animal Hospital Book of Wellness and Preventive Care for Dogs

The Angell Memorial Animal Hospital Book of Wellness and Preventive Care for Dogs (E-Book)

A world-renowned animal hospital shares its total-care program for dogs. ''Angell Memorial's reputation in the animal world is unchallenged, and who better to tell their story than one of the best dog writers in the business. . . . A perfect combination and a must for this important bookshelf.''. --Betty White, actress, author, and animal welfare activist. Angell Memorial Animal Hospital boasts an innovative and authoritative staff and a reputation second to none. Now for the first time, Angell Memorial is teaming up with an award-winning journalist, Darlene Arden, to offer its unprecedented preventive care program to puppy and dog owners everywhere in this comprehensive, user-friendly book, The Angell Memorial Animal Hospital Book of Wellness and Preventive Care for Dogs . Too often dog owners wait until a pet is struck with an illness to seek out veterinary advice. The importance of implementing a program that prevents illness from occurring is key to a happy and healthy pet. Topics covered include:.:.; Dentistry, grooming, and nutrition.; Emergencies, surgery, first aid, and vaccinations.; Training and behavior.; Caring for middle-aged and advanced-aged dogs. Angell's unique preventive care handouts and brochure pages (offered for the first time to the general public) are also included. Now, through this book, readers and their veterinarians can create a preventive care program that mimics Angell's to fit the individual dog and lifestyle.

Tell Me Where It Hurts

Tell Me Where It Hurts (E-Book)

From the front lines of modern medicine, Tell Me Where It Hurts is a fascinating insider portrait of a veterinarian, his furry patients, and the blend of old-fashioned instincts and cutting-edge technology that defines pet care in the twenty-first century. For anyone who's ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at your veterinarian's office, Tell Me Where It Hurts offers a vicarious journey through twenty-four intimate, eye-opening, heartrending hours at the premier Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston.


Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits (E-Book)

Treating animals just as any healer would treat human beings, Allen Schoen has become one of America’s most celebrated veterinarians. Kindred Spirits shares the transformative power of his remarkable methods, explores how alternative healing is revolutionizing his profession, and, in the tradition of James Herriot, shares heartwarming stories of animals and their caretakers who have deeply enriched each other’s lives.


Vet Confidential

Vet Confidential (E-Book)

From an experienced and highly respected authority in the veterinary world comes a comprehensive must-have guide to everything you need to know to ensure high-quality health care for your beloved animal companions. Our pets mean the world to us and we go out of our way to pamper them, from gourmet cat treats to doggie daycare.


Cooking the Three Dog Bakery Way

Cooking the Three Dog Bakery Way

From the celebrated creators of the ever pup ular Three Dog Bakery, the world's first bakery for dogs, comes a fun-filled collection of easy-to-make gour mutt meals and treats designed to keep dogs healthy, happy, and drooling from ear to ear.

Pet Food Nation

Pet Food Nation (E-Book)

A Must-Read for all Pet Lovers For decades, dog and cat owners have depended on popular commercial foods to keep their beloved animals well-fed. Until 2007, when the national pet food catastrophe left pet owners scrambling for an alternative to mass-quantity, factory-produced food. How can you break away from your reliance on the commercial pet food industry? Pet Food Nation offers the solution: Stop feeding your pet from a bag or a can—gradually, and then permanently. Instead, let's return to the way our ancestors fed their cherished pets since the dawn of time, with a variety of fresh and cooked foods from our own homes, the smart, simple, and healthy way. Pet Food Nation features : How to transition your pet from commercial food to a healthier diet Six signs of dietary problems with your pet Why homemade food is better for your pet The best diet for an older pet What to feed your breed Basic easy recipes for dogs and cats Buy this book and learn how to feed your pets properly and safely now!