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Uveo-Dermatological Syndrome (VKH)

VKH is an autoimmune related disease with heritable implications. The onset of VKH can be slow or sudden, dramatic or barely noticeable. Three phases of signs exist: Meningoencephalitic Phase, Dermatological Phase, and Opthalmic Phase. All appear to differ from dog to dog.

In the Meningoencephalitic phase, the stage in humans is characterized by fever, malaise, headache, nausea and vomiting, it is not clear whether this phase actually exists in dogs.

The Dermatological phase can include blisters on the affected dogs nose. The sores may also be seen in other areas such as the eyelids, pads of the feet, scrotum and anus. After some time, the affected area may begin to depigment and there is often hair loss of loss of colour in the hair. Some Akitas have also been known to have their toenails fall off, but this is not common.

During the Ophthalmic phase, the dog may become blind as the pressure in the eyes build up and causes the retina to detach.

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