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Fold Dermatitis / Skin-Fold Pyoderma

Where there are excessive skin folds or wrinkles, Fold Dermatitis can occur due to rubbing of the skin and trapping of moisture in the folds. Pyoderma — a bacterial skin infection — commonly develops.

Commonly Fold Dermatitis forms on the tail, lip, facial folds and associated pyoderma occurs in breeds where skin folds in these areas.

Fold Dermatitis is directly related to skin folding or wrinkling in a particular breed and the wrinkling trait is considered to be autosomal dominant. The following breeds are predisposed to Fold Dermatitis and Skin-Fold Pyoderma: the Bloodhound, Boston Terrier (tail), Chinese Shar-pei, Cocker Spaniel (lip), Springer Spaniel (lip), English Bulldog (facial), Neapolitan Mastiff, Pekingese (facial), and the Pug (Facial and Tail).


Additional Information:

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