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Chocolate Poisoning In Dogs

by Greg Cryns

Cocoa beans, cocoa bean shells, cola and tea contain a natural ingredient called theobromine that can kill your pet when ingested. Dogs often cannot metabolize this fast enough to avoid poisoning. The amount of bakers chocolate to produce the adverse reaction is about 1 ounce for every 2 pounds of dog weight.

If your dog has symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting along with lethargy and muscle tremors you should want to take him to the vet quickly. If you are sure your dog has eaten chocolate do not wait for the symptoms to appear. In that case poisoning is very likely to occur and you may lose your pet if you hesitate to take action.

Dogs love sweet products. Make sure to keep your chocolates in tightly closed containers placed high up where they cannot reach them. Be particularly careful on holidays like Christmas or Halloween when dogs can easily pick up chocolates off the floor.

Cocoa bean mulch also contains theobromine. Garden retailer suppliers do wash this product before selling it but the best practice is not to allow your dog near this product.

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