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Large Breed Dogs That Make Great Family Pets

by Kelly Marshall

There are many breeds of large loveable dogs that make wonderful family pets. They are not well suited for small homes, apartment or condominiums, as they require more space to roam and exercise. A large home with a big backyard or country living is ideal. Large dogs are often very social and great with older children. These loveable monsters can knock over smaller children accidentally. Make sure that whatever breed of large dog you might consider, always learn as much about the breed as possible. Anybody that chooses a large dog should be prepared to train it well, to prevent injury to others, teach them manners and socialize their pet. When a small dog jumps up to greet you, it is far different from a sixty-pound dog. Also, remember that dogs are social animals and want to live with the family, not outside by themselves. Your dog will need a lot of exercise so if you are a couch potato, you may find a toy breed of dog more suitable for your lifestyle. Bored dogs can develop some bad habits and destructive behavior so exercise, long walks and playing are a necessity.

Large dogs eat more so cost more to feed. You must supply your dog with a high quality food, balanced specifically for larger breed dogs and the same for large breed puppies. Large breed dogs are usually much rougher on their toys, so make sure any you purchase are durable, big and sturdy.

Some people have referred to Afghan Hounds temperament as cat like because they love to be petted and then go and lay down for a nap. Terrific with children of all ages, they love to clown around and show off. These loyal, gentle and kind dogs are extremely loyal to their human family. Afghan hounds have a wonderful, long, luxurious coat but do require frequent grooming. Approximately 27 inches high, their average lifespan is around thirteen years.

The intelligent German shepherds are great with older children when raised with them. Training and early socialization is necessary, along with a large fenced yard for exercise. Extremely intelligent, these large dogs are very loyal.

English setters make wonderful family pets that are great with children. They are very gentle but let you know when a stranger knocks on the door. Be prepared to spend time brushing them a few times a week and trimming every six or eight weeks.

Saint Bernards are great big loveable family dogs. Although they have a deep bark, they are not good watchdogs. They require a large yard to exercise. There are two varieties, which are the shorthaired and longhaired. Both require weekly grooming to control their shedding. Because of their weight and large size, Saint Bernhard’s are prone to hip dysplasia. Their life expectancy is around eight or nine years.

The Newfoundland is a great big cuddly bear of a dog, good with children and very protective. Because of their calm, tolerant nature, they make wonderful family pets. As with most of the large breed of dog, a secure fenced yard is necessary. Because they do shed, brush them a couple times a week.

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