Rally Obedience


Rally Obedience, also known as “Rally O”, is a dog obedience sport that goes beyond the basic heeling, emphasizing fun and excitement for all involved — the dog, handler, and spectator. Rally Obedience includes over 40 obedience movements and is the ideal sport for those wanting a fun activity, designed to challenge and improve teamwork between the dog and his handler.

The Canadian Association of Rally Obedience (CARO) has been established so that dogs can earn titles in Canada. Events are open to ALL dogs, purebred and mixed-breeds.

The following titles are available from CARO:

  • Rally Novice (RN)
  • Rally Advanced (RA)
  • Rally Excellent (RX)
  • Rally Versatility (RV)

Starting in January 2005, Rally O became an American Kennel Club titling event. Titles offered are: Rally Novice (RN), Rally Advanced (RA), and Rally Excellent (RE). There is also an advanced title: Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE).


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