Disc Dog


Disc Dog

The sport of canine frisbee, or disc dog, is growing rapidly. Some dog and disc teams perform freestyle routines with multiple discs. Advanced freestyle canines perform such moves as back flips, chest vaults and back vaults. Vaults require the dog to launch himself off the trainer into the air catching the disc in mid-flight.

Just about any dog can be taught to catch a flying disc. Dogs with strong prey drives excel in this sport and most herding breeds pick up the sport with ease. Frisbee is a great outlet for high energy dogs who need to be worked everyday, and can help with behaviour problems resulting from boredom and inactivity. It is also a fun way for your dog to stay healthy and fit.

Competitive events are open to purebred and mixed breed dogs being at least 18 months of age (12 months for Single Disc) at the time of a Championship.

For years, dogs and their handlers could earn titles in the sport of Disc Dog in the U.S. but not in Canada. In 1999, The Canadian Disc Dog Association began in Ontario and, in 2003, the sport of Disc Dog was opened up in Western Canada with Westman Disc Dog, Canada’s first Disc Dog Club.


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