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Photo courtesy of: Wendy Beard - Pet & Action Photography, Ottawa, Canada

Responsible Dog Owners of Canada

Responsible Dog Owners of Canada

(Formerly the National Capital Coalition for People and Dogs (NCCPD)

Founded in 1999, the organization's primary mandate was to promote and maintain off leash privileges in Ottawa, Ontario. Successful in securing a larger and greater number of dog friendly areas, RDOC has turned its center of attention to the promotion of responsible dog ownership through education. The focal point now for the group is developing and hosting educational programs and workshops like the Dog Owner Training School (D.O.T.S.), DOG-ED, Canadian Canine Good Citizenship Test™ (CCGC™) and a Dog Bite Prevention Program.

Through education, RDOC's goal is to build and support a network of responsible dog owners, raise awareness of dog behaviour and facilitate the restoration and preservation of a dog-friendly society.

Responsibility . Respect . Recognition

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