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Note: Upon submission of payment, please send the photo you would like shown with your advertisement via email to: with your kennel name in the subject line. (The photo will be resized as necessary to fit in the ad box.)

Additional Options

If you would like to add a “Puppies Available” graphic to your advertisement, please add the following to your order for the specified duration of 3 months; 6 months; or 1 year.

Puppies Available Graphic


If you have a Stud Dog(s) available for breeding and would like to include that, please choose from the following two options – 6 months or 1 year:

Stud Service Graphic

Featured Breeder Option

If you would like to participate as a “Featured Breeder”, please indicate this here and forward 4-5 good quality photos via email so that we can design your feature display page. Please note that this is a one-time design fee and you will remain a featured breeder for as long as you continue to advertise on the website or you specifically request to no longer participate.

Featured Breeder

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Please note that HST/GST must be added to the advertisement cost – tax for online advertising is based upon your province of residence/business.)

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Payment via Credit Card:

If you prefer not to make payment online, credit card payments can be made directly to us by calling: 613-316-7572 with your card details.

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