“Deluxe” Advertisement for Pet Related Services


The advertisement is placed:

  • Under the specified category;
  • At the top of the page – above the “Basic” advertisements.
  • On a first ordered/first-placed basis (not in alphabetical order)
  • A text link is also included in alphabetical order under the regional breakdown with a link back to the photo advertisement.
  • The listing remains in effect for either 6 or 12 months (depending on the chosen option) from the date it is uploaded to the Canada’s Guide to Dogs website. Notification by e-mail will be made prior to the expiration date in order to give you the opportunity to renew.

Note: There is no additional charge to have your “Deluxe Advertisement” placed under more than one category provided that the advertisement is the same in all categories – text and photo. For example, if you provide Grooming and Training services, or you are a breeder as well as a groomer, your listing can be placed in multiple categories as specified by you, at no extra charge for additional listings.

If you would like a second, different advertisement, there is a discounted fee applicable – see below for breakdown.

To Order Your Deluxe Advertisement for a Pet Related Service:

Please complete the following form. Upon submission of the completed form, you will be directed to the confirmation page with payment options. For Canadian advertisers, payment can be made by email money transfer or by credit card directly to us or through Paypal.com. U.S. and International advertisers must use the paypal option and make payment in Canadian or U.S. funds only.

Your advertisement will be uploaded within 1-2 business days, provided you meet the listing criteria. You will be notified by e-mail when it is available for viewing.

Simply place your cursor within the boxes in the form and type your answers.
Use the “TAB” key to move to the next box.


The information shown in Section 1 will appear in your advertisement on the Canada’s Guide to Dogs website. (You can include as little or as much information as you would like but please only complete the details that you want displayed online.)

Please complete this section so that we list your advertisement under the correct category.

Deluxe Services Advertisement Form

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Note: Upon submission of the form, please email the photo you would like included with your advertisement to: info@canadasguidetodogs.com

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