“Basic” Breeder Advertisement


This option is ideal for breeders who do not have a website to link to as well as for those who want a bit more exposure than simply a text link. By including a larger text font on the kennel name as well as contact information, the Basic advertisement stands out better than the simple text link.

The advertisement is placed:

  • Under a specified breed(s);
  • Under the specified Province if Canadian, State if US, or Country if other than Canadian or U.S.; and
    Listed in alphabetical order by kennel name.
  • The listing remains in effect for either 6 or 12 months (depending on the chosen option) from the date it is uploaded to the Canada’s Guide to Dogs website. Notification by e-mail will be made prior to the expiration date in order to give you the opportunity to renew.

Note: There is no additional charge to have your “Basic Advertisement” placed under more than one category provided that the advertisement is the same in all categories. For example, if you are a breeder with more than one breed, or a breeder and a groomer, your listing can be placed in multiple categories as specified by you, at no extra charge for additional listings.

To Order Your Basic Advertisement for Breeders:

Please complete the following form. Upon submission of the completed form, you will be directed to the payment options page. For Canadian advertisers, payment can be made by email money transfer or by credit card directly to us or through Paypal.com. U.S. and International advertisers must use the paypal option and make payment in Canadian or U.S. funds only.

Your advertisement will be uploaded within 1-2 business days, provided you meet the listing criteria. You will be notified by e-mail when it is available for viewing.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at: info@canadasguidetodogs.com.

Simply place your cursor within the boxes in the form and type your answers.
Use the “TAB” key or your mouse to move to the next box.


The information shown in Section 1 will appear in your advertisement on the Canada’s Guide to Dogs website. (You can include as little or as much information as you would like but please only complete the details that you want displayed online.)

All breeders must complete the Breeder Questionnaire section of the form in order to be considered for listing. If you have previously completed it in order to be listed under the free text link option, there is no need to complete it again – please go to Section 3.

Please complete this section so that we can correctly list your advertisement.

Basic Breeder Advertisement Form

1. Are you a member in good standing with any breed and/or dog clubs?

2. Do you abide by the club(s) Code of Ethics?

3. Do you carefully select your breeding stock to meet the appearance, structure, soundness, temperament, personality, and natural abilities characterized in the standard for the breed?

4. Are all of your dogs registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, American Kennel Club, or other Registries?

5. Does all of your breeding stock undergo regular testing for health and genetic problems as recommended or encouraged by the breed clubs and/or registries for your particular breed(s)?

6. Are you active and/or involved with your dogs at any level of competition and/or dog sport and/or working dog?

7. Are all your pups sold with written health guarantees against hereditary health problems?

8. Are all your pups sold with registration papers?

9. Do you sell your puppies on non-breeding contracts unless they are sold to competition homes and/or as breeding stock?

10. Do you ever, or have you ever in the past, sold your dogs/puppies to pet stores, retailers and/or brokers?

11. Have you ever been subjected to disciplinary action, fines, etc., by any dog club, criminal or civil court?

14 + 1 =

* Street address is optional and is not required to be included — As little or as much contact information as you would like shown with your advertisement will be included. Please specify this when completing the form.

** – Canadian Breeders are listed by Province, U.S. Breeders are listed by State, and all others are listed by country under a “International” heading.


The Canada’s Guide to Dogs website accepts Breeder listings from Breeders of pure bred dogs only. We do not recommend, endorse or support any one breeder over another and we will never knowingly list a Breeder who runs a puppy mill, backyard style breeding operation, or sells their dogs to brokers, pet stores or retailers of any kind. Your response to this questionnaire is strictly for our own purposes and will never be passed on to any person and/or organization. While we do not recommend any breeder, we do attempt to include only responsible and reputable Breeders in the listings. For this reason, we reserve the right to refuse any listing/link as well as the right to immediately remove the listing/link of any Breeder who has already been listed at our sole discretion. 

With the thousands of dogs that end up in shelters, we strongly feel that caution must be taken on our part to do as much as possible to ensure that we meet our goal of only listing responsible dog breeders on the website. With that in mind, please note that the following criteria must be met in order for us to consider adding your kennel to the listings:

  • Health must be a top priority and as such, details of health screening must be provided.
  • The goal must always be to breed to the breed standard – we will not accept any listings from breeders who purposefully breed colours and/or sizes that do not meet the standards.
  • Breeders should be involved at one level or another in some form of competition and/or working with their dogs — this question (found within the form) must be answered in detail.

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