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Dalhousie University, Faculty of Agriculture

23 Sheep Hill Lane, PO Box 550
Truro, Nova Scotia
Tel.: 902-893-5301; Fax: 902-895-5528

Online Animal Training Course:

OPERANT CONDITIONING BEHAVIOUR ANALYSIS (OCBA): Level I, has been developed for the student with the desire to understand animal behaviour and use that knowledge while training. This course provides a one-on-one approach to help each student develop the necessary skills to train animals using positive reinforcement. Possessing these training skills is invaluable to the successful laboratory or research technician, veterinary assistant, pre-vet student, farm worker, boarding faciliity owner and many other professions or hobbies which require the ability to influence an animal's behaviour.

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Note: Also visit the Dog Clubs and the Working Dogs sections of the Canada's Guide to Dogs website where detailed information on various dog sports, activities, and jobs is available.