Canadian Kennel Club Breed Groups

The Canadian Kennel Club categorizes its recognized breeds into seven groups, plus one miscellaneous class for those breeds that are recognized in other countries but still awaiting full recognition by the CKC. The groups are as follows:

Group 1 Sporting Dogs
Sporting Dogs include the pointers, spaniels and retrievers. Group 1 are those bred to point, flush, and retrieve game. They are high-energy dogs that are very trainable.
Group 2 Hounds
The Hounds are those bred to hunt game by sight or smell. Included in this group are the Borzoi, Bloodhound, Beagle, Dachshunds, and Basset Hound, to name a few. They come in different sizes and require little guidance in how to get the job done. The dogs in this group tend to be more independent than many other breeds.
Group 3 Working Dogs
Working Dogs consist of those bred to guard and perform draft work. The Working Group dogs are intelligent and loyal with a willingness to please.
Group 4 Terriers
The Terriers Group are those bred to go to ground after vermin and other small game. These dogs are usually tough, energetic and independent.
Group 5 Toys
The Toy Dogs are bred as pets and lap dogs. Many of them are from ancient breeds or small-sized versions of larger breeds.
Group 6 Non-Sporting Dogs
The Non-Sporting Dogs group are those breeds that are bred to do a variety of jobs and are not easily categorized.
Group 7 Herding Dogs
The Herding Dogs are those bred to herd sheep, cattle, and other livestock. Originally, these dogs were classified as part of the Working Group. German Shepherds, Collies and Shetland Sheepdogs are among some of the dogs in this group.
Miscellaneous Class Breeds recognized in other countries but still awaiting full CKC recognition.

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